Organizational Sensing & Assessment

Helping People to See:  We conduct a deep-level evaluation that makes visible for the leader(s) of an organization what is happening “under-the-surface” of the organization, team or workgroup. Once lifted up, constructive changes can be advanced.

  • Do you know what the “under-the-surface issues” are that may cripple your organization or block it from achieving world-class performance?
  • Do you know what the “undiscussables” are that result in misalignment, re-work, blaming, complaining, mediocre performance, or recurring problems and productivity losses?
  • Do you know what the patterns and processes are that run deep within your organization? The positive patterns that can be enhanced, and the negative patterns that can be changed? The patterns that impact Productivity? Safety? Quality? Effectiveness? Alignment? Overall performance?
  • Can you identify three simple rules that impact your organizational or team success? Or conversely, that impact organizational or team difficulties?

We can “lift these up”, make them visible – so that they can be constructively addressed for the future. We use proprietary assessment tools to conduct organizational sensing.  Most sensing sessions can be completed in less than a day.

Consider the iceberg:  You see only what is above the surface. Yet it is the 80-90% of the hidden, under-the-surface issues that are holding you back and need to be seen and addressed so that your organization or team can markedly advance forward.