News for April 2012

Richard Knowles was part of the Science and Complexity Forum at Eckerd College’s ASPEC Program, particularly leading the sessions around Practical Leadership Application of Complexity in the Workplace.

Richard Knowles was a speaker at the ASSE (American Society for Safety Engineers) Tampa Spring Regional Conference. His well-attended talk was “Partnering for Safety Excellence.”

Women Helping Women” – This was the theme of a session led by Claire Knowles at ASPEC (Association of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL) in March. This session underscored how our struggles are lessened and our triumphs are made sweeter by our “relationships with strong women.” Keep on being a woman who keeps on helping other women was the resounding call to action.

Participating in “Be The Change Event” with Suzanne Evans in Orlando, Florida, and also with Stapleton/Stark Mastermind group about the world of marketing and the impact on growing business.

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