Leadership & Team Development

We also provide a variety of approaches to leadership and team development suited to the client’s particular needs and requirements, concentrating on the development and facilitation of tailored workshops, organizational sensing and evaluation, and consulting services aimed at increasing your organization’s adaptability, coherence and effectiveness through creating a dynamical balance among the three core aspects of sustainable leadership:

  • Self-Organizing Leadership™
  • Operational Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership

We help clients create an environment where people can and want to contribute to fulfilling the objectives of the organization. Our client-specific application  brings leadership, productivity, effectiveness, and strategic transformation together in a way that vastly improves work on the issues that are vital to your organization. We help to create adaptable and sustainable leadership and team performance.

Our workshops enable participants to simultaneously address important issues facing the team, while coaching and learning seminars guide the organization’s leadership. We apply our hands-on experience and skills to help an organization achieve new, more effective ways of operating and working together.


As we work in your organization, we quickly get a sense of what’s going on and of what is important to you. We work with the leadership and management to develop their skills and communication tools that they’ll need and then work with the teams wherever the need is focused.

We develop tailored workshops in conjunction with your people to engage them in this work, and in the process, introduce the new models and language. These workshops may be as short as one half-day event to 3-4 days depending on the need and the number of participants. Special retreats, or on or off-site events can be arranged to suite your specific requirements. Typically, they will be focused on the specific areas of interest that have fostered the need for assistance. Longer events will include processes that will help develop understanding in the group, focus on solving specific problems and ensure that the work that has been done can be sustained.

The organization’s leaders, supervisors, and teams become more able to identify and resolve issues that are occurring within their respective units, and achieve the specific goals they desire. Focused strategic plans are created, the tactical decision-points are determined, and successful action plans are developed. Follow-up sessions enable everyone to further develop their skills to work this way and also to ensure that the implementation is done effectively. We introduce ways for you to sustain the work so that you can build on the investment you are making in your organization.

Coming out of this work you’ll find that the improvements in your key areas of interest have enhanced your organization’s effectiveness by leaps and bounds. Our professionals bring a wide range of skills to your organization and are available to you through the process, coaching and counseling as you feel the need. The final result is a workplace where people focus their energy in positive, productive ways to improve business performance.


“I would recommend this annually! I think it is important to take a break from the routine and re-discover yourself. Claire (presenter), you’re an outstanding workshop leader, who’s warmth and caring nature made us open up very easily. Thank you.”

~ Workshop participant in Personal & Professional Path-finding