The Process Enneagram©

Tetrad of Intentional Change©

A leader who is considering instituting a significant organizational change is most often confronted with two issues initially:

  1. where exactly do I begin, and
  2. what steps will need consideration to assure that the changes are implemented effectively?

An important proprietary model focuses on managing an intentional change in an organization. The model, the Tetrad of Intentional Change, is concerned primarily with the requirements for Intentional Change. While it has four main points: (Positive Motivator, Negative Motivator, Technology of Change and Belief) and hence the name Tetrad, attending to the connections between the points is critical for success. The central concept is that none of the ten aspects or processes identified in the model can be left out or ignored without jeopardizing the change process.


“I have used it (Process Enneagram) in companies and communities in Australia, South Africa, Namibia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Germany and Indonesia with groups as diverse as coal miners and steel makers through to lawyers, accountants and those charged with shaping the future of South Africa for the next 20 years. In every single case, I’ve been able to achieve results that would have been unheard of using other processes.”

~ Tim Dalmau, The Dalmau Network Group, Australia