Executive Coaching

What Coaching is:

We view coaching as a process of helping well-functioning adults achieve key personal or professional goals.

  • Personal Coaching focuses on helping an individual identify and achieve important goals and often relates to individual development, balance, health, career, and life satisfaction.
  • Executive Coaching focuses on issues related to performance, development and fulfillment at work.  As Executive coaches, we may be involved not only in helping individuals with issues like development of one’s leadership style and use of leadership processes, but in coaching in other areas related to enhancing personal development and the successful functioning and effectiveness of organizations and teams.

What Coaching is NOT:

We are not skilled in, nor do we provide any type of counseling or therapy for any type of mental, emotional or behavioral-related illness. If such difficulties arise during the course of the coaching relationship, we stop the coaching process and make a referral to a licensed mental health professional.

Our Approach:

Our Coaching includes a highly tuned and powerful process of communication and problem solving. The relationship between coach and client is co-creative and focused entirely on the client’s interests, challenges and goals. Through this coach-client synergy, significant results are achievable. We encourage clients to expand beyond their perceived limitations, to become stronger, more alive human beings, as we assist them to become functionally capable of achieving their specific goals.

Our Coaching Process:

Our coaching process varies with the individual client’s needs and situation. If appropriate, we use our proprietary model to establish connection, assess goals and intentions, and issues and obstacles; we determine the strength of the client’s guiding principles and relationships pertinent to achieving specific goals. We co-create action steps; we teach when appropriate; we make suggestions, provide guidance, encouragement and support, and establish the milestones. The learning that takes place by the client is experiential—so he/she is able to reapply the learning as future issues are faced.

The Results:

The coaching relationship is akin to counseling. Confidentiality, therefore, is both respected and paramount for the coach-client relationship to succeed. Referrals are available, upon request, and subject to continued client permission to disclose.

Our Coach:

Claire Knowles possesses a blend of authenticity, integrity, experience, skills and business savvy bringing together many years of experience in Human Resources Management, Mediation, Leadership and Management to the Coaching Process.  She is a personal, life and executive coach holding (2004) certification in coaching by NICABM—National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine.

A note about Team/Group Coaching:

We are also skilled in Team Coaching–we have the capability to facilitate developmental endeavors and to assist groups in specific problem solving, improving performance and effectiveness. Team/group Coaching often requires the combination of coaching, facilitating, leading, teaching and consulting skills.


“I would recommend this annually! I think it is important to take a break from the routine and re-discover yourself. Claire (presenter), you’re an outstanding workshop leader, who’s warmth and caring nature made us open up very easily. Thank you.”

~ Workshop participant in Personal & Professional Path-finding